Little Rock Toilet Repairs & Toilet Installations

Toilet Repairs & Installations Little Rock ARIf your toilet is giving you problems in the Little Rock area, just call Whitten Plumbing. Whether you have a running toilet, leaky toilet, or backed-up toilet, our plumbers will get you the toilet repair you need to effectively solve your problem. Our plumbers will quickly diagnose the issue so that we can get on to fixing your toilet right away.

If your toilet is leaking around its base or between the tank and the bowl of the toilet, we’ll put a stop to the toilet leak so that you’re not wasting precious water and dealing with an annoying mess in your bathroom. At Whitten Plumbing, we guarantee our toilet repairs in Little Rock, so you can rest assured that the problem is taken care of.

Sometimes our Little Rock plumbing customers just want a new toilet. At Whitten Plumbing Solutions, our plumbers will gladly show you a variety of toilets to choose from, and then we’ll replace your toilet the same day! All of Whitten Plumbing’s new toilets include a new supply line, wax ring, and guaranteed installation.

When you need a great toilet plumber in Little Rock, Whitten Plumbing is just a call away!

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