Clogged drains? Thinking of using a liquid drain cleaner? Read this first!

clogged-sinkSo you’re having plumbing issues with your kitchen or bathroom sink draining slow or maybe not at all. For most of us the first thing we think of is to run to the hardware store and buy a bottle of the famous drain cleaner you saw on TV, but these products may not be the safest for you, your family, or your plumbing system. To make sure that your family is not exposed to dangerous chemicals, it may be a better idea to give a professional plumber a call.

What is The Best Solution to Unclog a Drain

Professional plumbers will use special tools to unclog your pipes. Traditional drain cleaners have chemicals that can be harmful to your pipes and the environment. Because treatment plants can’t break down the hazardous wastes in the detergent, the chemicals can get into the air or even make their way to our water sources. So before running to the store and buying some scary chemicals, just call your trusted Little Rock plumber. Whitten Plumbing Solutions would be more than happy to get that pesky drain flowing again. Not only will we get your clogged drain flowing again, we will run a sewer camera to see what the root cause was, and we guarantee your pipe won’t clog again for at least one year! Or the next ones on us! Where else will you find plumbing service like that?

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