Common Plumbing Issues and How to Fix Them

Deal with common plumbing issues promptly or call an expert.On average, homeowners call for professional plumbing repair once every three years. Obviously, some households require plumbing service far more often. An old house, for example, likely has old plumbing that requires more frequent repairs. A residential plumbing system is far more intricate than most people imagine; it is not just pipes and water or waste. There are numerous plumbing issues that require the expertise of a technician. As a homeowner, you should know how to perform a basic inspection of your plumbing and perform minor repairs. Otherwise, call a plumber for all other services.

Common Plumbing Issues

In any type of home – new or old – there are common plumbing issues that may arise. Some are more common than others, such as a clog or leak. Most are quite easy to resolve with the correct tools and know-how. Here are a few common plumbing issues and how to fix them:

  • Low Water Pressure – If you have ever experienced low water pressure from your faucet or showerhead, then you understand the hassle. First, check if the low water pressure is affecting the hot and cold water. If both are affected, the cause is likely the aerator. A calcium buildup may be affecting the faucet. Simply remove the aerator, clean the debris, and reinsert it.
  • Slow Drainage – A sink or bathtub that is slow to drain is likely caused by a clog. Over time, it is quite common for both the sink and bathtub drain to fill with soap scum, hair, and calcium deposits. You can remove the clog or pull out the pop-up and clean it thoroughly. Do not use chemical drain cleaners, though. Always use natural methods or specifically-designed plumbing tools for the job.
  • Running Toilet – A constantly running toilet is more than a mere annoyance; it is a waste of money, too. To stop a running toilet, you need to figure out the cause. Once you know which of the parts is the issue, you can replace it. The most common reasons for a running toilet are the fill valve, flapper, or flush valve. Examine each and replace or repair as necessary.
  • Clogged Disposal – A clogged or jammed garbage disposal occurs when foreign objects are jammed into the disposal unit. A garbage disposal is designed for small food debris; nothing else. Do not put egg shells, bones, grease, or coffee grounds into the disposal. If the unit is clogged, use an Allen wrench to open the unit and unjam the system.

Some other common plumbing issues may occur with your home’s water heater or gas lines. These are complex systems that require the expertise of a certified plumber. Do not risk injury or expensive repairs by attempting to handle either system. Always call a professional.

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