Dangers of a Flooded Basement

flooded basementAs every homeowner must know, it’s crucial to take care of your home’s plumbing system. By disregarding proper maintenance and repairs, we invite further damages and costs. It’s best to tackle issues with your plumbing system promptly. This is especially true with leaks. The dangers of a leak, especially in the basement, are profound. We’re talking about extensive, costly repairs, structural damage, and adverse health effects. Don’t let a flooded basement destroy your household!

Mold Growth

In nature, microscopic mold spores are everywhere, including within our homes. However, these spores typically remain dormant and are considered harmless until they’re fully activated. Activation requires moisture, such as that from water damage in a home. Once mold spores are active, the clock is ticking. Aggressive, growing mold will spread throughout the floors and walls of an average household. It only takes a day or two.

If you have a flooded basement, it is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Evaluation and decontamination, both time-sensitive processes, should be part of your repair process.

Structural Damage

As water builds up and sits for extended periods, it may damage the foundation of your home. This damage is not always immediately apparent, though. A flooded basement exerts a tremendous amount of weight on the foundation, causing cracks in the floors and walls. You typically won’t notice these cracks until the next heavy rainfall, when water starts seeping indoors.

Furthermore, removing water from a flooded basement must be done gradually. You cannot simply remove all the water at once, or you risk further structural damage. Pumping out the water immediately flooding, while heavy soil surrounds the foundation, exerts additional pressure on the basement.

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