How Do You Light An Electric Water Heater?

So, how do you light an electric water heater? Gotcha – it’s actually a trick question, as electric water heaters don’t have a flame, traditional pilot light, or gas element to ignite. 

electric water heater

If you’re struggling to start your electric water heater or find the system is not working properly, here are a few things to try. Before starting, make sure the unit is turned OFF.

  1. Check the circuit breaker to make sure it hasn’t been tripped. If it has, simply switch it off and back on. If the circuit breaker is tripping regularly, it could be overloaded. In this case, it would be wise to move large appliances to different circuits (be sure to call on an electrician to help you with this task).
  2. Check the thermostat settings. The temperature should be set at the recommended 115-125ºF for the highest efficiency. If your hot water heater has two thermostats (an upper and a lower), check to make sure both are set to the same temperature. This improves efficiency within your system. 
  3. Make sure the water heater is the right size for your household needs. If your water heater’s capacity is not large enough for the demand, you will need to either reduce your hot water use or invest in a larger system. 

Electric water heater still not working so hot? It happens, and there are several other issues that may arise in these regularly-used household appliances. If you can’t get to the bottom of the issue with these three tips, it’s probably time to enlist the help of a reputable team to troubleshoot and diagnose the underlying problem.  

Water heater repair in Little Rock

A water heater is one appliance you can’t afford to be down for very long. So if your electric unit isn’t turning on or otherwise not functioning properly, call the go-to Little Rock plumbing experts at Whitten Plumbing. To schedule an inspection and repair appointment, call us today at (501) 607-6596.

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