How to Know When Your Home Needs Repiping

faucet-with-water-flowing-slowlyIf you currently live in an older home or one that has not been remodeled in quite some time, the chances are high that you have old pipes that need replacement soon. If you’re unsure whether or not your home could benefit from repiping services, call in a professional plumbing technician to examine your current system and offer their sound advice on the situation.

Signs of Trouble

For starters, take a look for any signs of trouble in your home. Exposed pipes in the basement, crawl spaces or even the pipes connected to the water heater should be carefully examined. Any signs of stains, discoloration, dimpling, or other signs of corrosion are evident reasons to have your home repiped.

If you happen to notice leaks in the pipes, there may be more than you are unaware of. A leak is a sure sign that your piping system is old and worn out. Instead of continually repairing the system, your best option is to replace the old pipes.

Best Time to Replace

As a homeowner, you need to time your investments wisely. When it comes to remodeling or home renovations, there has never been, nor will there be, a better time to replace the pipes in your home. However, if your home was constructed on a raised foundation, replacing the pipes can easily be accomplished with minimal damage, making it a sound investment to take advantage of. Homes built on a slab foundation will also benefit from repiping, though the cost for drywall patching and painting is higher.

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