Leak Detection and Repair

Expert Plumbing Leak Detection and Repair Services Little Rock

A small leak is often the sign of a larger leak somewhere else in your pipes, but any size leak or drip should get your immediate attention. If you notice leaks in your plumbing, please call Whitten Plumbing as quickly as possible for our expert leak detection and repair services.

They’ve got all the knowledge and take pride in there work. Quick and accurate work

“They’ve got all the knowledge and take pride in there work. Quick and accurate work. Job site will be left cleaner and nicer than before. Like they weren’t even there. Or like they were, but question if they have a cleaning team... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

- Tyler Nelson

Locating The Source Of Your Leak

When you suspect a leak, our team arrives promptly to detect the main source of the problem. Often times, the one leak you notice is created by at least one larger issue further down in your plumbing pipes. Our skilled team of expert plumbers are experienced in leak detection to find the main leak and fix the correlating problems quickly.  

Ways to Detect

We utilize the latest industry technology and training to find the source of your plumbing issues. Leak detection techniques such as acoustic detection and liquid leak detection allow us to locate leaks large and small, including hidden water line and sewer leaks. By finding the main source of the problem quickly, our team reduces damages and can save you money on larger plumbing issues.

Avoid Plumbing Leaks

While no plumbing leaks are 100% avoidable, there are ways to prevent them. Keep your water pressure below 80 p.s.i, replace cold and hot washing machine hoses every five years at minimum, and be sure to insulate any plumbing you can access to avoid freezing. Softening your water can also help to avoid plumbing leaks by reducing corrosion inside water pipes.

Common Signs of Plumbing Leaks

Aside from the obvious sounds of flowing water and sight of pooled or wet spots on surfaces, increased water bills and low water pressure can also be signs of plumbing leaks. If you suspect a leak problem within your plumbing, call Whitten Plumbing as soon as possible to schedule an appointment or emergency services.

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