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Is your washing machine filling up slower than it used to? Has the forceful stream of your shower deteriorated into a dissatisfying trickle? Does your tap water taste bad or have a strange color? Have you had a few pinhole leaks develop over the last several months? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need a repiping in your home.

They’ve got all the knowledge and take pride in there work. Quick and accurate work

“They’ve got all the knowledge and take pride in there work. Quick and accurate work. Job site will be left cleaner and nicer than before. Like they weren’t even there. Or like they were, but question if they have a cleaning team... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

- Tyler Nelson

Many older homes have galvanized plumbing pipes for the water and cast iron pipes for the sewer. Both of these piping systems are prone to rusting with age. A whole-house repipe can mean replacing the water pipes, sewer pipes, or even your natural gas pipes, depending on what is needed. The pipe replacement process is referred to as a repipe or repiping. You may also hear this process be referred to as new piping, re-plumbing, or re-plumb.

In Arkansas, repiping is part of a plumbing license classification. Any person repiping a home must carry a plumbing master license. Whitten Plumbing Solutions has all the proper licensing to perform pipe replacements and we do not use subcontractors. Our plumbers specialize in U.S.A. Hard Copper and PEX repiping. Our plumbers are experienced in how to lay out the job, order parts, install, and inspect the repiping process. Call Whitten Plumbing today and let one of our plumbing professionals give you a free in-home estimate and show you how we can repipe your home or building the right way for less money—guaranteed! Our repiping experience is diverse, so our plumbers can repipe water supply systems, sewer drainage systems, and natural gas supply systems. Whitten Plumbing offers repiping service in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Maumelle, Benton, Bryant, Alexander, and all over central Arkansas. When we repipe your building, you can count on us to have a well-trained and experienced crew working on your project. We provide the highest quality repipe job in the industry, and we even offer a 10-year no-leak guarantee!

So if you’re in need of a plumbing repipe in Little Rock, just call Whitten Plumbing Solutions for the highest quality work, best guarantee, and the best price!

Pipe Leak Detection

Whitten Plumbing believes that tracking down a pesky leak shouldn’t be a major ordeal. We aim to offer only the most non-intrusive, non-destructive services available. By using the plumbing industry’s latest technology and training, we can track down the source of the issue. Most leaks do not appear at their original source. Somewhere in the piping, a worse leak is causing smaller issues throughout the system. This main leak is what we aim to fix.

By arriving on time, completing leak detection projects promptly, and leaving the premises clean, we can ensure that your leak does not return in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, we utilize the most recent techniques and devices, including acoustic detection and liquid leak detection. These advanced, industry-leading technologies allow us to locate any type of leak, including hidden water and sewer leaks. By finding the issue early, we can save you money and reduce damages.

Pipe Leak Repairs

If you notice discolored water, abnormally high water bills, or soaked carpeting, you’ve got a leak somewhere in your home. Leaks can be caused by corrosion, cracks, degrading joints, or rust. While copper piping is especially durable, all kinds of pipes can develop leaks. These leaks cause severe damage to your home. This makes good pipe leak repairs critical to a healthy plumbing system! Whatever the problem, you can count on Whitten Plumbing to solve it.

We offer the following pipe leak repair options:

  • Tightening joints
  • Removing and replacing damaged sections of pipe
  • Temporarily repairing small holes with waterproof tape or caulk

We’ll evaluate the situation upon arrival before deciding on the best course of action. If your system needs repiping, we use only the highest-quality copper and PEX plumbing systems in the industry. You can count on our service to get the job done right!

New Pipe Installation

When planning for new pipe installations, you should consider a few different factors. Take into account the size of your home, your desired piping materials, and the existing pipes. The size of your home will affect the scope of the job. A larger home will almost always require more material, more time, and more labor. Piping materials also make a significant difference. Copper piping is the most common, due to its durability and long lifespan. However, PEX has proven reliable, easy to install, and quite flexible. In fact, PEX is a worthwhile consideration solely due to its ease of installation. By snaking the material into the walls, plumbing technicians can make fewer holes, leaving less damage to clean up. PEX also retains heat and conserves energy, which means lower utility costs each month. Whatever material you select, Whitten Plumbing can successfully install your new pipes. We can tackle any installation job!

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