Save big bucks on sewer service in Little Rock

drain cleaning & sewer service little rock, arFor those of you who live in some of Little Rock’s older neighborhoods, Little Rock Waste Water is offering a $2500 cash rebate to replace your old sewer system. A lot of times these older sewer systems have piping that is made of clay or orange berg piping materials. These pipes are known for collapsing and causing sewer backups into homes. If you’re in an older neighborhood, there is a good chance your sewer pipes qualify for this great deal from the city. There will never be a better time to upgrade your sewer system in your Little Rock home. If this is something that interests you, just call your Little Rock plumbers at Whitten plumbing. Let us do all the leg work and save you big bucks and future plumbing problems. Call Whitten Plumbing Solutions today at 501-607-6596!

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