Things to Do to Stop Your Sink From Clogging

Prevent pesky drainage clogs with professional drain cleaning and maintenance services.You’ve likely endured your sink clogging on occasion. It happens. If you’re not paying attention, you may stuff coffee grounds into the drain or drain a cup of grease from breakfast. Whatever the cause, a clogged drain is no fun. In fact, it can be harmful to your plumbing system. If the issue continues or recurs, the resulting clog could cause the pipe to burst or form a leak. You’re then looking at expensive repairs and replacement parts. Instead, opt for prevention. They say prevention is the best cure. Well, the age-old saying is correct when it comes to plumbing clogs

Drain Cleaning Tips from the Pros

If you’re aiming to prevent a drainage clog, then know that you’ve likely got the tools in your home already. There’s no need to go out and buy expensive equipment or chemical cleaners (they don’t work). Here are a few tips from professional plumbers:

  • DIY – Often, preventing a clogged sink can be accomplished by cleaning the drain on occasion. Using a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water, you can ensure squeaky-clean drainage systems in your home
  • Maintenance – Your home’s plumbing system requires occasional maintenance to operate efficiently. The same goes for the kitchen drain (it’s part of your plumbing system, after all!). On occasion, clean the drain using a little bleach. Let it sit overnight, then run water down the drain
  • Avoid Grease – It’s all too common for homeowners to take the easy route when cleaning the kitchen. For instance, many throw their used grease down the drain. There, the grease solidifies and causes a blockage. Instead of tossing grease down the kitchen drain, save it in a jar and throw it away.
  • Keep it Hot – Letting the hot water run down your kitchen drain at least once per week can help remove any build-up along the interior of the pipes and drainage system. In the kitchen, hot water (be careful!) can melt away light grease buildup.
  • Wisely Use Cold Water – Alternatively, cold water should be used wisely. When running the garbage disposal, for example, use cold water instead of hot. Cold water prevents oils and grease from solidifying in the drain. Only use hot water to remove grease deposits after the fact.

Professional Drain Cleaning

On occasion, consider scheduling professional drain cleaning services. In doing so, you’ll hire an experienced plumber who is equipped and trained to keep drains from clogging. The tools a plumber brings to the job are better suited for a healthy drainage system.

If you want to save money, do not knock professional services. Consider it an investment. By scheduling drain cleaning today, you’re preventing a costly repair down the line. Drain cleaning reduces the risk of severe clogs, burst pipes, and leaks. It’s the best option!

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