Tips for Buying a New Showerhead

Tips for Buying a New Showerhead

Having an old, broken, or clogged showerhead can be a major nuisance. Instead of putting up with long, frustrating showers, you can easily replace the showerhead and enjoy the consistent water flow you’ve been missing.  

When you’re shopping for a new showerhead, you may be surprised by all the options. Here are some things to consider and tips for picking out the perfect new showerhead for your home.

Fixed versus handheld

The traditional showerhead has a single head that is permanently attached to the pipe coming out of the wall, also called a shower arm. You may be able to adjust the direction of the showerhead but it doesn’t come off.

On the other hand (pun intended), a handheld is designed to be removed from its overhead placement. It has a long hose that can extend 5-7 ft. You can then hold the head and move it around to clean yourself, a child, a pet, or even the tub. Handheld showerheads are especially convenient for those with disabilities.

Flow rates

Showerheads are available with different water flow rates, which is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). The flow rate you choose comes down to personal preference. However, you should know that federal regulations limit the flow rate of showerheads to 2.5 GPM.

If you like the idea of cutting down on water use for either for environmental reasons or to save money, you can look for a water-saving showerhead with a flow rate as low as 1 GPM.

Other options to consider

Fixture companies are constantly coming out with new features or different styles of showerheads. Here are a few popular options.

  • Rain showerhead – Installed directly above your head, water flows lightly (like rain) in a wide pattern.
  • Dual showerhead – Offers both fixed and handheld head options in one unit.
  • Side bar – When mounted to the wall, a side bar allows you to adjust the height of the showerhead.
  • Body sprayers – These are additional jets that spray water out from the side of the tub or wall. Body sprayers are installed in custom showers and require different plumbing.

Choosing a new showerhead comes down to how you like to shower and the needs of your household. Of course, any of these new showerheads will be better than your old one that’s barely working anymore.

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