What Will Cause Your Water Heater Reset Button to Trip and Next Steps to Take

If you know very little about your water heater, you might not know why that red button keeps making a fuss and asking to be reset. There are actually a few reasons that could be causing this problem, all of which are fairly easy to handle on your own.

The Water Temperature Is Too High

In most cases, the reset button is triggered because the water inside the heater has become hotter than 180 degrees. In this case, the button is tripped to protect your home from being damaged by scalding water. If this is the problem you’re dealing with, you’ll probably need to check the thermostats connected to your electric water heater. Perhaps one of them has gone bad and isn’t monitoring the water temperature properly. In this case, call in the professionals to repair the thermostat.

The Wires Are Loose

There are wires that connect to your electric water heater’s thermostats and generate the heat. If those wires are damaged or loose, this can cause a bad connection that eventually trips the reset button. Check to see if you can easily fix one of the wires before calling in professional assistance.

The High-Limit Switch Is Malfunctioning

The reset button, AKA the high limit switch or “Energy Cut Off,” might be causing its own problems. In this case, you’ll need to have a plumbing professional determine what the problem is or maybe even replace the reset button.

Although you might be able to stop your water heater reset button from tripping too much, some problems won’t be fixable without the help of a professional. Whitten Plumbing Solutions has been helping homes in the Little Rock area deal with their plumbing problems for years, including issues with electric and gas water heaters. To schedule a plumbing installation, repair, or service, call Whitten Plumbing Solutions at 501-607-6596 today.

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